Consultations on International Taxation

Any international transaction or structure or any overseas property inevitably involves a lot of complex tax issues, both corporate and individual, at least in the owner's (beneficiary's) country of residence and the country where the asset is located. Failure to properly take the above issues into consideration creates material financial and legal risks. Terra Externa Team has substantial experience in international taxation and it is ready to provide the following support:



Analysis of domestic and international taxation aspects related to acquiring and disposing of a personal (including residential property, securities, etc.) or corporate asset abroad


Analysis of domestic and internaitonal taxation aspects related to leasing out an overseas property


Analysis of domestic and international taxation aspects related to acquiring, creating or selling a business abroad


Analysis of domestic and international tax implications of succession and gift making abroad


Recommendations on selecting the most efficient jurisdictions and corporate forms (structures) for a transaction or business given the specifics of the investor's business and/or personal priorities



Our Advantages:


We analyze taxation issues comprehensively - given the specifics of legal and tax sytems in the investor's and asset's jurisdictions


We work in several languages but we can give recommendations in the Russian language providing a high quality translation of any materials in a foreign language


We maintain contacts with lawyers and tax consultants from several countries who offer the optimal combination of price and service quality. If needed, we will promtly find and coordinate a reliable foreign advisor saving your time and money



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