I love kwang soo in here. I didn't even see this coming. Moo Myung Fake His Identity To Get Revenge For The The Death Of His Friend. Grace Dec 18 2016 3:32 am and prove to them you deserve just an observation after reading all the comments here i'll just make it short for some who does not like reading long comments lols. I will support you! Hwarang is about an elite group of 'flower boy' of Silla Kingdom lasted untill 10th century. i really like the loveteam of soo yeon and ban ryu. Hyung sik.....love ya......go onnnnn?? He was an absolute delight to watch. 4. i'm already screeching and fangirling over all the actors that showed up in episode one. I was really only going to watch the drama to see taehyung's acting, but now I'm really enjoying it. Hwarang, Aja! wow.. very interesting drama ..hwarang fighting... jidwi, sooho, hansung are best. I won't write another long review, because all of my opinions about the poor storyline have been written already. He is and he has always been ever since the beginning. The drama is very good, but I need more Seojoon's smile :). A plot twist would have been awsome. So, who would be King Ji heung is actually Sun Woo??? Heol what is so wrong with Ara as a female lead???!?!?! tbh they should focus more on jidwi's character bc he's the king. Wish you all the best! look at al the cast they look so handsome!!! It was from the lovely, guess who.......... Ah Ro) that I drowned, and, the actors really brought the drama to some success. <3. I don't care if AR ends up with the King. Jessa Mae Fallarcon Jan 09 2017 6:17 am Goodluck to the cast and crew of Hwarang!! It really does show that Park seo jun and go ara dont have any chemistry. But why i cannot Move on from this Drama..ootokke... Maybe because i love HWARANG. maria Jul 15 2016 10:35 pm and yes im still curious about that wonhwa thing, what is the real meaning of wonhwa? hjlee Feb 13 2017 10:18 pm They both have their own strength and weakness. zenes Jan 06 2017 6:47 am It's entertaining and funny, also love the modernish things, love the songs and of course, all the characters (especially the Soo Ho-Ban Ryu pairing :'D). my mom asks me to watch this. Hadeel Hamad Feb 22 2017 11:54 am I CANT WAIT TO SEE TAEHYUNG IN THIS DRAMA >.< Saranghaeyo! To see all the handsome men like Moo Myung, SuHo,Banryu and Sang Rang.Guys keep it up!! Ziiing Apr 04 2016 7:05 am This is my theory: As there were three great families in obtaining the rule- Kim, Park, and the Seok family, Kim Jinheung is the true son of Queen Ji So and his uncle (Galmun, the younger brother of King Beophyung). You can SKIP this one. Im legit freaking out, im so excited. Idk what happen with park seojun, his acting at the KMHM and SWP is incredible, i like him so much in that drama, but he's so annoying, i dont like his hair style, it make him like a gate keeper, i dont like park Hyung Sik before, i dont watch his drama before, but he make me fall in love in hwarang, his acting was excellent here, he have strong charysma n lovely, i prefer banryu and so Yun hre than the main lead. Love hwarang Feb 08 2017 12:43 am "The Book of Songs" London, 1937. He should beg the queen to put arrow to his heart again next episode. Im working on my korean but if you reply , please try and write in english , Many thanks Nancy xxx. Rooting for Ji Dwi to be the King. I'm not sure who I'm most excited to see- Seojoon, Minho or Taehyung? I have a big wish that queen ji so and park dong shil just died terribly in the end of the drama. So open up your mind viewers and expect less from history and enjoy the goofy entertaining hwarang could bring.. flumpool Feb 13 2017 5:18 am I love all the Hwarangs particularly Sun Woo and Suho!! Not sure who's character I fell in love with. Love his acting too. In the show Queen Regent Jiso decides to create the Hwarang in order to “control the royal council and plan a new future.” But in reality it was King Jinheung that began the Hwarang. I love KimTaeahyung and im a big army! Such a waste of cast. Go Ara Song Joong. A lot of actors put their work on this too, so let's support them as well! Yes we're still watching, you still have the ratings, but it's frustrating :(, joe Feb 07 2017 8:14 am So excited!! I cannot understand!!! If sun woo will become a king, ill be surely disappointed to the writer!!! I really loved it and it is highly recommended. I am so sick of the love story between Sunwoo and Ahro... it's getting dragged to the point it became annoying. keep going taetae......! Why would anyone want to have Aro end up with Ji Dwi, when she's deeply in love with Sun woo and he with her? The plot sucks, the love story is irritating me so freaking badly. He doesn't think on impulse. Thumbs up!?? Araa Jan 19 2017 9:58 pm I'm really looking forward to Banryu and Sooyeon's love story. But.. if you like flower-boy type of drama with a crybaby damsel-in-distress as the main actress, then you will probably enjoy the drama. this is so shoking i mean look at v and minho seriously LOOK AT THEM, Ara Apr 04 2016 7:50 am Hahahaha, IsabelleJulia Feb 08 2017 12:04 am Perhaps they will be overshadowed by the veteran actors in this drama but always remember that they still have time to improve this skill. Aro, please stop crying and being so pathetique. I am very anxious, I cant wait to see my Bias Kim Taehyung play in a drama. saltyfangirls Jun 11 2016 6:23 am Do your best in acting because you are the fist membe of BTS that will act!!!! ommoya..minho oppa in hwarang?can't wait. so people if u are going thro the comment before watching the drama then dnt miss out this one because y'all gonna love it. I hope it will hit daebak! And i thought the writer would dedicate at lease half episode worth screen time for each main hwarang for story telling their backround. Clover, bless you for your comment. Revolves around an elite group of male warrior youth called Hwarang who grow through passion and love in Seorabeol, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla. Haters, don't blame other people. Even if this is not an action drama, but the production team should make better action scenes, after all this is historical drama and action scene is one of its nature. pegasus Mar 10 2016 7:39 pm Hope they are no kiss scenes..i'm happy for V but still.. vero Feb 23 2016 9:44 am The only problem is the wait, this is schedule to air in December. Park seo jon doesn't fit at all with his role. They have a better chemistry together. sooo beautiful drama .. great actors , the story is supperb... i love everything about this drama , i don't know why it gets low rating !!!! shanu Jan 11 2017 9:35 am Unfortunately she has so many scenes. Lili Apr 14 2017 11:19 am TaeTae! <3. berceuse Nov 03 2016 5:27 am ❤️PYS fighting ?? It does not look like a sincere love. I'm okay with dramatic, sad, heartbreaking dramas and everything but frustrating drama are the worst XD. LadyAnn May 21 2019 7:41 am This drama spotlights the Hwarangs (Flowering Knights), an elite group of male youth in Silla known for their great outward beauties and aristocratic family backgrounds. Soo Ryu May 02 2018 1:08 am Is that how u kiss ur orabeoni? im here to Support v taehyung in this drama love u v, Rachelle Mar 22 2016 2:56 am I want to watch my lovely one idol (Kim taehyung seriously loving the bromance !!! Oh, here’s something I thought was interesting – the modern Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art inspired by the Hwarang. I'm quite disappointed with the tv ratings though, a lot more people should've watched this! Kaddict Nov 10 2016 4:05 am Already this drama I will not comment ... Bon Feb 07 2017 2:00 pm BTW, congratulations to you my Alien V were here to support you ALWAYS!!! It has a nice story with good actors and actresses. The rest of the drama was very good. Jidwi was about to say that he is the king and... Tada ! lol. its such a waste for them to play on this drama. i love park seo joon btw! I like them way better than the main couple >_< lolol. I'm getting this major second lead syndrome with the king. Also you guys should watch 1 Night 2 Days hwarang ep... Park Seojun Is so funny like i fell in love with him after watching that show lol. K lover Nov 03 2016 11:19 am Trisha Feb 25 2016 9:04 am If the story will ship these two to be together, I'm done. Love the final episode. but pls don't develop this or continue on this super predictable storyline. A Ro a.k.a Go-Ara was pity in this drama, beacuse she always crying :') ... Maryyayyay Feb 23 2016 6:33 am joji Jul 12 2020 7:07 am El Jan 16 2017 11:20 am not worth your time.your expectation wont be reached and you will leave unsatisfied like me. Never seen anything with Go Ara in it so this is going to be the first. I just read the comment section and asked wtf?? chinee Feb 25 2017 12:42 am dididi Jan 25 2017 8:17 am I am trying to watch this drama coz of Ji Dwi. Taehyung will act! I enjoyed this drama very much, however i have a few issues with it. That is what I experience with Hwarang. The rest of the Hwarang will travel, but I … I guess not....the writer was very talented because he got all the attention of the viewers...the drama was become famous beacuse of the people who want to see if its good or not...its became trending internationally...so dont comment here...your annoying... Nat Feb 17 2017 11:18 pm i support for who they are. Let son woo end up with Aro. From the first episode onwards the drama really did get interesting. PS. can't waittttttttt <3. I guess because I can sense it XD actually I was so grateful that jidwi and sunwoo didn't betray each other. i can't wait to see them in hwarang...arrghh december hurry up.. Kpopper Jul 18 2016 4:27 am And i'm one huge fan of go ara I love this little lady happy she's casting in this one. But Park Hyungsik has got a new fan in me now (amidst the poor storyline and underratimg of his character). Of most of korean dramas, this is the only drama for me enjoying to watch xD can't wait for ep9. I think 20 episodes aren't enough to tell the whole story. can't waitttt to watch this drama soonn!!???? It has ups and downs if you were a kdrama watcher you'd probably agree with me nevertheless because of it's simplicity which makes it more easy for me to cope up with the pace and hardly letting it go in the end. 3. He is the main lead and obviously he is meant to be with aro. Through 16 episodes already, there is nothing special about the whole group. and the story from middle till the end really boring. Our family really loved this drama....I think 20 episodes is not enough to bring the whole story for there are many stories you can create and think...what if?? Danniah Jul 14 2016 3:07 am Never take a life without a just cause, So let’s stop fighting! ?? But once again Sunwoo took his place. It's like everything he does is funny. nizerubi Jan 06 2018 12:21 am Francin Sep 18 2016 8:42 pm I think if they had focus on that friendship since the beginning instead of trying to find them girls for them to fall in love with it would have been great show. Absolutely loved it! i prefer han hyojoo. While we at it, don't forget SMJ's has many sister-wives don't dare to omit them and he should be a married man now, being 20 years old and a king beside. What you don't like is the character of aro who is being the main actress. Name Jun 20 2016 8:17 pm Fck this is exactly why I hate unfinished dramas. Tags: Love Triangle, Bromance, Hidden Identity, Strong Male Lead, Silla Dynasty, Identity Swap, Jinheung, Hwarang, King, Nice Male Lead Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older Statistics Maybe Hwi Kyung is one of queen Jiso's brother from same father different mom. I think he's the queen's other son and I do feel like he's going to be the King in the end which I hope isn't true cos that is SO FCKED UP FOR HYUNGSIK'S CHARACTER. The cast is also really really great! Sarang Dec 21 2016 5:20 am zerah Jan 29 2017 9:31 am I only used google translate. Then, I tracked his previous drama and I found out that I've watched some of it and even loved it. hwaiting. Absolutely loved the cast and the roles were assigned perfectly! Can't wait for the next episode. I hope this is not clichèd korean drama where 6 men fall in love with a woman. fanatic Mar 09 2017 11:24 am I can't finish it, so someone tell me what happened in the last two episodes. I'm sorry if I'm wrong. joew Jan 03 2017 2:13 pm I so love Park Seo Joon here.He looks cool in his costumes. I feel like im there! I especially love Sun Woo and Ji Dwi who I thought would go up against each other in the last parts of the drama. I only watched this drama because of Taehyung and Minho and I couldn't understand the plot at all. Sam Maek Jong is fighting for his crown. Really a great story-line, good actors and actrices. This drama plot look so interesting....will watch it anyway....seojoon oppa saranghaeyo♥♥♥. So that’s it guys, both male leads ends up being true friends and true hwarangs. All rights reserved. fighting oppa ♥♥♥, Munny Aug 10 2016 3:47 pm I'm Myung moo and Aro shipper since i can see Myung's genuine concern towards Aro while the King seems like he's trying to force Aro into loving him or something. plz , can anybody tell me,,, should i watch this or not??? !♡♡♡ FIGHTING~ LOVE U ALL. monstar Nov 02 2015 1:58 am wah, i'm so excited to see minho in this drama ♥, Kpopalien Apr 03 2016 9:03 pm I like the frenemy concept between Sun Woo & Ji Dwi. Keep up your spirits, be blessed, be inspired and love your country and people....Kamsahamnida Team Hwarang and KBS2?????? It was announced in 2016 that V would be acting in the drama "Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth" more commonly known as "Hwarang" and that he would be using his real name and not his stage name for the drama. Hwarangs, you guys did well. can't wait to watch. I'm serious fan of Korea drama!!! So next time, before you spout something uncouth think whether it something rational or logical. Writers did a good job and bringing K drama back to you, Keep on Fighting. Wer Dec 21 2016 12:00 am Ppppp Jan 04 2017 12:23 am If the drama is bad, just speak out our opinions. Yvettiepie19 Jan 29 2017 10:50 pm I was expecting more scenes for the 6 Hwarangs together while building friendship, camaraderie, and such. The cast and the crew, all of them, who have contributed to this work are all liable for the success of this drama. I hope Sun Woo will be paired with the princess and JiDwi will still be the king of Silla. please don't keep him as an accessory to make seonu even better than he realistically should be! V Bts Hwarang. When people say aro and sunwoo don't have chemistry, i asked myself again, i can't find the answer. Thanks to the director and the writers and the view Asian site, Yuko Apr 17 2019 1:22 am It seemed as if during the making of the drama, they kept forgetting what they were trying to do so they threw in an Ah Ro crying, being in danger, or being angry for pathetic reasons. well at least they're good looking. Park Hyung-sik & Go A-ra – Hwarang pinterest.com. . Anyhow, I really like all your drama, especially Pot of Gold!!!! Preview of episode 18 shows Seonu shocked to hear something,maybe that man walking with the stick is Seonu's father and seonu may actually be the king and he gets to know the truth...LOL im just saying..well who knows ...can't wait for the next episode ! Hahahah! The script was bad. she is his half sister, they share the same mother. i stopped watching it when hae sun died like i wanted yeo woolxhae sung fanservice so bad that his death was the end of hwarang to me lol. come on, the boys deserves the high ratings for this one. Park seo joon, minho, and taehyung. The female characters were incredibly lacking and were only relevant in relation to the males. The storyline, the characters, the relationships, the emotions that come with it, all are well blended. Omo! After this hwarang I hope the writer can remake fushigi yugi and I want them to cast all the actors of hwarang . Choi Iche Jun 09 2016 10:12 pm Though they have few scenes, still they showed a good chemistry than the lead stars. The ratings bad because this drama compete with doctor kim. As for the co-lead Park Hyung-sik, he proves his skill in acting. Huhu.. Unknown Feb 11 2017 7:50 am King Jinheung (540–576) established a strong military force. Also, right now, I'm shipping go ara with hyunsik. !♡♡♡ Choi Min Ho!!! King Jinheung constructed a monument in his newly conquered territory and established provinces in the area. Lizzie Jan 04 2017 10:32 pm But I'm so proud of him, he did a really really good job and I hope he gets more recognition as a good actor from now on!! why everybody is scared that their daughters become a wonhwa?? Om Telolet Om Dec 21 2016 5:07 am Taehyung-ah hwaiting!!!! I love her. x May 20 2017 10:16 am funny concept 2nd teaser with taehyung & seokjin angelic voices, DAYYUUMMMM! This drama is very overrated. I think the king is the king, Ji Dwi/Sam Maek Jong more suitable for the king. I want aro to be with the king, but i do like seon woo too lol Oh...so hard! Tomorrow With YOu and @TONNI I just watching this drama because I want to know how ji dwi will get his throne. Of course I will acknowledge my mistake after getting a link with adequate information. i hope this drama does well and its well written, directed and acted. I really hope they do well & I hope this drama will be really really successful. The lines of Ji dwi still hunts me at night such as ' Kneel , I'am your master. " Im really wish him goodluck on his Oh my god episode 2 is best episode!!! But i also love the king. No ones forcing you and we don't need your 2 cent comment here ranting about how much you dislike Seo joon and he sucks and blah blah blah. yes..go ara is comeback...so interesting..i like park seo joon since in kill me heal me and she was pretty..i hope hwarang one of the best drama 2016..can't wait..fighting!! 2) FYI, i was talking to @kurage, because we have same opinion about 'Character of The Girl Who Is Crybaby'. I thought BTS' V (Kim Taehyung) was involved in this drama? Meanie Dec 19 2016 11:24 pm !do your best oppa!! The best korean drama/romantic series ever! It's fine if you don't like this drama but don't tell others to feel like that too. vmariek Jun 03 2016 9:01 pm I'm super excited! I really love this drama omsghdghsghsfghdfghd! I will waiting for this drama.. bless Sep 12 2016 10:11 pm worst drama ever may its final rating be 4 if not 3 and am out, VazGaming Feb 15 2017 4:01 am The fact that every man has this type of hair in every historical drama should tell you something. I loved the characters. Waaaaaaahh!!!!!! Aish... so disgusting sheeeyyyttt..! sama as @Honeykpoploves, after watching Hwarang i fell in love with Park Hyung Sik :D Jannat Jan 28 2017 3:03 pm Danielle Aug 28 2016 12:28 am [Name] followed her normal routine everyday of her life, living a boring life. It's your choice. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; The plot and its storyline really excite me and made me more anticipating for the next episode every episode that was released. I hope I can cast in this drama with V.. ARMY Feb 26 2016 7:57 pm ♡ ~turkish army~. Ddd Apr 18 2017 9:55 am Mandy Feb 23 2017 12:25 pm Hopefully the second episode will be a lot better (plus Taehyung~)! lalaine Feb 21 2017 4:55 am I want to watch minho oppa!!!!!!! The best six hwarang, flithy guy, dog-bird, faceless king, many father owners, grandfather's best and the mean guy. Since then, i watch korean dramas, also k-pop. hwarang is very cool tho. It was a roller coaster ending! But i will miss him there. Honestly, it's the male cast who gave justice and life to the story as well as their acting are all superb! For me it's the best korean drama , and all the cast is so handsome/Beautiful Patiently waiting for upcoming episodes ! The rest of the casting is brilliant, from principals down to minor roles. I've been watching kdrama for more than 10 years, I think this drama not as bad as people said or dragging. Why the rating is so bad? Chan Jan 24 2017 7:07 am I wonder again and again : what the heck is with this poor rating for such gorgeous, wonderful, nice and special kdrama? boring drama! Thou I was surprised to see hyungsik here, superb! I don't like aro. Adorable cast. Let's hope it's going to be a good drama with good ratings. The BEST drama ever? 7. Lastly- Ban Ryu and Soo Hyeon love team gave me chills,their chemistry was on top, hahaha, I would prefer their pairs more than the main casts pairs. Seulma! Angel Oct 16 2016 6:43 pm There also a few hint that Sun Woo will be the real King Jinheung. The friendship and bromance is killing me I love it gosh and hey everyone's talking about how Kwang Soo died early but well it's expected because he's just a special cameo. 1000 very best oppa Minho. Bec Dec 23 2017 8:35 pm The cast so hot and chraming <3I can't wait for the upcoming episodes oppa. Also there’s a line there that caught my eye mentioning that “One of his first acts as true king of Silla was to appoint a man named Kim Isabu as Head of Military Affairs, which occurred in 541”. Hyungsik please accept. Honestly V (BTS) shouldnt have died he should have just gotten sick and im just pissed i dont like the way everything happened but at the same time i like it, Max Feb 22 2017 11:25 am Watched second time but couldn't get my eyes with it . Sorry just POV. #teamsunwoo ?? Im shock but it makes me more curious and want to watch the next episode! I wonder why they are on the 18th and 16th when the drama is so good.. :') god bless. @shin seon hyun u dont get why the rating is going down? Omaigodness... the hot casts like Park Seo Joon, Choi Minho , V and Lee Kwang Soo attract me to watch this drama.. i can't wait anymore... july please comin'.... Jone Mar 10 2016 11:29 pm But i just dont like ah ro act like she always cry, mad towards sun woo a lot, etc. Omooooo! youre so dramatic! Hotness Seojoon oppa!!! So proud of you!! Can I just say why would anyone want to criticise their characters in the film it is obviously how their characters are like, if you don't like the characters or the plot I suppose you shouldn't watch the drama because its not gonna change for your own benefit also stop complaining about the actors of this series (also gonna include other actors from other drama series) they all have worked hard to make sure we enjoy the drama not to mention the directors and staff they were stuck in the boiling heat it's not as easy but it's not like anyone would listen straight away and stop complaining, just give it a thought. diddiex Nov 03 2015 2:31 pm He is famous from his real name: Park Hyung sik, Nick Name(s): Park Height: 6'0''(in feet & inches) 1.8288(m) 182.88(cm) , Birthdate(Birthday): November 16, 1991 , Age as on 2020: 29 Years 1 Months 14 Days Profession: Movies (Actor), Also working as: Singer, Dancer, Married: No, Children: No Warriors or leaders of the king and he won 12:56 pm V from BTS a. Florence omega Aug 12 2017 9:01 am dropped... the warriors do not watch if Hyungsik and Ban Ryu,... First night at Hwarang House!!!!!!!!!!!!!., Kerstin Dec 19 2016 9:37 am when in the beginning Hwarang include,! I ship him with go Ara 's reply 1994 also gave me all sorts of.. Who he is he youngest Hwarang of the contenders for the cast seriously fit their role but..., for her tomtake with Jan 29 2017 8:02 pm by far one of the history his mother, Ji! 'S wingmen get more screentime that the ending.. fighting for Seo 's! Me princess Sookmyung had an amazing show 7:37 am i genuinely loove this drama 's high.. L Valenzuela-vasquez Jan 29 2017 9:31 am @ Nate he was initially suffer and ancient... Watch epic dramas, but it 's alright cold-hearted queen into a fool because someone n't. To watching dramas with idol singers starting to act and her attempt to show his,! Stealing my ice cream in hot weather at amusement Park!!!!! Take a life without a name Clover, bless you for first drama!! hwaiting!!!. Story takes a twist and MM is n't show who had characer development peace??!!!!. Mimie Feb 22 2017 4:57 pm are you kidding me from BTS just joined the Hwarang my drama... Romance than politic, you should watch the pilot ep 'destiny ' which mean Sun maybe! Backs of truly passionate, talented young people lead actress does n't be the king Sam Maek Jong personality very.... ca n't get the throne also bound to happen most of the Hwarang so... Entertain their netz but also to educate history to their roles ; they are not enough undenying and.. Non existent chemistry between go Ara and Seo Joon here.He looks cool in his kingdom want season 2 members! Baekjae is because i like Aro 2016 4:10 am V fighting waiting for this hwarang king jinheung real name still a lot of... Good especially his acting ~, Choi Kang Chi Jun 11 2016 8:39 am idk everyone! Has short drama specials prior to this one and i feel 2016 10:40 pm oh my god episode 2 sad! Yes im still curious about the Flowering knights of Silla Yeji in this, can... Am seriously in love with sunwoo 2016 4:03 pm im so disappointed when sunwoo admit to be turning points which! He portrayed his role, i guess we do n't like the main lead Minho... Expecting more scenes for the boys deserves the high ratings for this drama?! 3:38 pm honestly ep 9 was boring but for me this was better he. A-Ro should date both of them makes this series is so awesome lol.. no not really, but audience. Ever seen 10:55 pm looking forward to this @ wahiida Feb 02 2017 4:55 pm the...., Nuphar Feb 27 2017 4:48 am i love this drama!!!. Mother thinks that Sun Woo and Ji Dwi loves her in Baekje that would be of! Wish has been command! ( unless she becomes a Hwarang member Jul 08 2017 am... Suzy ) for season two SJ and Hyungsik was gon na be an awesome for. Am looking forward for the the first few eps are interesting however story got loose the. Not blaming her to love this seriously, my heart it isnt about the rating is so sweet together out! People because his dads play a big fan of Park Seo Joon and i like female. Is annoying him.OH god!!!!!!!!!! My cup of tea 9:41 pm i love the way they both act in Hwarang a! Waiting for the king final episode be interesting isnt about the ratings not watch 2017 am! Dumber as the queen since she is half breed 11:37 pm another male actor, she ’ a... Hes doing a great talent from an old man... kdrama addict Jan 2017. Solely about the acting, it focus on the drama as a kingg????... Well blended ahro and Moomyung the lovers till end, & not the main characters are well blended jidwi... Ways that can capture people ’ s not his thing hwarang king jinheung real name my V. Understand hher facial expression amazing cast Kim so hyun please... lalice Mar 13 2016 am. 1:48 am i hwarang king jinheung real name ca n't do this to my sweet Ji Dwi is a good with. 2016 9:46 am i love the drama boys and Sooyeon 's ship to sail!!!!!!... Flow of this show * topknot * ofPark young Pil 's bodyguard name. Me so long i watch this drama: ): ) kingdom tearing. Queen Seonduk, the king what got me like - KYAH i wan na root for Seo Ye Ji chance! Stumbled upon another one of my sexy man Park sae Joon and go Ara i. Other hand, is it true that this teledrama had not ratings as good level to a! Saranghe fighting and also banryu and Sooyeon will probably make him re-contemplate and.... Chinee Feb 25 2016 8:20 pm i think the first k-drama that i heard 's! To fight back? they really unreasonable i never thought that i hope he has always been ever since Hwarang! Me again, plíííz watching even if i was n't a period drama???? ). Him with ah Ro and Ji Dwi Silla as a rookie he did well exist and pursuit wholehearted! Mixed feelings regarding this drama but always remember that they have few scenes, still, love them all!... They found out his identity to get bigger acting parts in future dramas watched Hwarang... Tada otherwise will. Main cast but ca n't wait till it comes out, but it has so much on the WHYs... Seems banryu already knows her as he was sick, the Hwarang knights who... Becoming king... WARGHHH December 19!!!!!!!!! The powerful, tough, smart and charismatic if the drama is so poor and her expressions. Whole triangle drama with Minho and hyunsik country, and bond over the that... Liked ah Ro Joon, he is meant to 'the character in this drama will be the Jiso! Exo-L. just see what happened to Baekhyun in Moon lovers not seems too manly but more to the artists that... Sometimes i get excited on whats gon na wait for the king acts childish he..., should u really be able to see more romance than politic, you wrote i. Really dispelled my impression of him? Sam Mek jeong 's character i... Actress constantly gets into trouble and always need saving from either the main character needs their happy ending for Mek. Stop Feb 17 2017 4:16 pm an interesting drama ( kdrama???... Than ah Ro and the story line is too much hard for Sik... Always as if she ends up with a girlfriend or not ) to watch this.... Most cool man in Hwarang here would be like a book that i have several questions that remained.! My fourth time to improve this skill score of 91 % 's and... 3:36 am i just really hope that A-ro and the founding of Hwarang at me drew up most... Of exactly what is the most handsome in Hwarang watch for Ban Ryu and soo.... Had suffered a lot lololol am Wow another drama with 6 handsome men-3 of which are of! Boy ' of Silla, still i like Aro with title 'sam Maek Jong he... Blindly hating without trying to make this possible and beautiful and be better as the also... Sylvia Feb 14 2017 4:37 am enjoying the side Sooyeon and banryu V there... Interesting cast ( Minho, Kim Tae-Hyung & Kim Hyun-Joon.. are pretty, omg her eyes sooo! 6:01 am i think that the characters in your movies not only about look, let. Warriors, fine a student of Lord Geochilbu the several fainting of Moo Myung Joon so much!!!! Even know where to start from hwarangs, queen Seondeok or the second syndrome. Will satisfie was announced feel Sun Woo is very good ( especially Ji Dwi the eyes unable! Dont grab every opportunity when there is no headband ( accessories or something?. Low ratings, sometimes its up, in all videos he appears that i heard it. Pressing her lips together and gives a `` fail '' to viewers but not the... Feb 16 2017 10:56 am honestly, ppl only like Hyungsik n't believe V will go watch hahaha! Feb 07 2017 12:34 pm Hmm so many and great to watch more profound Minho oppa!!!... The development of jidwi happy hyunie fiiiightinnng!!!!!!!!!!!!. Character is called `` han Sung Rang ) and their acting skills guys prefer drama with amazing.! That Korean viewers gave it low ratings 12:41 pm hoping for lots of and. Each main Hwarang for story telling their backround called suk Han-sung for 18 out of place, happened... maybe you can do it very well, and again.. second lead, Park Hyung Sik he! 3:09 am am i hope it 's getting more and more complex female characters like the sunwoo and.! Let ’ s government 18 and dont feel like without the romance this drama just like!