Mezzanine Financing Abroad and in Russia

In the Russian Mergers and Acquisitions Agency journal, there was published the article named Mezzanine Financing: International Experience and Russian Practice co-authored by a Terra Externa's partner, Evgeny Melikhov, that provides the survey of mezzaning financing key traits in the U.S.and Europe where it has been developed to the highest extent and features of mezzanine transaction structures in Russia given the specifics of the Russian laws and challenges of the Russian business environment.

The full text of the article (in Russian) is available in the Russian Mergers & Acquisitions journal, 2013, No. 4 (4) as well as on Terra Externa website, direct link to the English version of the article Vladislav Lurye, Evgeny Melikhov. Mezzanine Financing: International Experience and Russian Practice.

Key words: mezzanine financing, mezzanine loan, mezzanine transactions, mezzanine investment, M&A, LBO, MBO, company purchase, investment transaction structuring, shareholder agreement, option, subordinated debt.