Investments in the U.S.

Terra Externa Team starts a new business line: investments in the US commercial real estate.

The U.S. real estate market is divergent and dynamic which allows for finding of opportunities to profitably invest in financially rodust commercial facilities at a reasonable price securing the annual net cash on cash return comparable to the interest rate on a long-term currency bank deposit. Such investment enables to acquire a real business in the most attractive regions of the country with a high life quality and ownership protection level.

Subject to meeting certain conditions, the investor may be entitled to apply for the U.S. legal permanent resident status ("green card") for him(her)self, his (her) spouse and underage children. Terra Externa's qualified specialists and partners will help to determine the potential investor's investment priorities, find relevant facilities, advise on the main legal, financial and tax matters related of the investment both in Russia and U.S.A., provide consulting and organizational support within negotiations, creation of the investment corporate structure, execution of the transaction and subsequent investment project management.

We work in the states of Florida, North and South Carolinas, New York, and Washington. For details, please, refer to the PRESENTATION (in English) or connect us via email or phone + 7 (499) 709 97 03.