Who we are

Terra Externa is a team of professional lawyers and financial experts with significant practical experience in corporate, contract, investment, private international law, international business, and international investments.


  Evgeny Melikhov

  MBA (Portland State University, USA), LL.M. in Private International Law (University of Manchester), PhD in Private Law

  More than 15 years of experience in advisory support of international investment and corporate projects

  Competencies: corporate, contractual, tax matters, M&A, venture investments, project financing, international project management
  Languages: Russian, English                                                           Email: em@terraexterna.ru



  Natalia Bidnenko

  M.A. in Real Estate Development (University of Miami, USA)

  More than 10 years of experience in the U.S. commercial real estate market

  Competencies: analysis and recommendations on real estate investments in the U.S.A.

  Languages: Russian, English                                                          Email: nb@terraexterna.ru




  Victoria Akopyan

  CFA, PhD in Economic Studies

   More than 15 years of experience in corporate financing, investment projects, M&A deals, capital market

  Competencies: investment and financial modeling and planning; project due diligence; business, strategy and company
  valuation; raising funds in capital market (shares, bonds, eurobonds)
 Languages: Russian, English, Armenian                                       Email: va@terraexterna.ru

  Alexander Kozhedub

  Professional agribusiness manager, veterinary physician

  More than 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of various agriculture projects in Russia, including
  those involving European investors, producers and suppliers
  Compenetcies: process engineering of dairy goat farms, equipment selection, valuation and assistance in allocation of lands 
  for agricultural plants, infrastructural, financial assessment, preparation of documents to participate in agricultural project government
 subsidy programs in the Central Russia
 Languages: Russian, English                                                          E-mail: ak@terraexterna.ru


We provide advisory and organizational support on the matters related to international investments and international corporate structures given your goals and preferences:

Also, we provide a range of ancillary services such as high quality legal and financial translations of any complexity.

All the core members of our team are accomplished, highly qualified specialists in their areas participating in various projects and involved in comparative studies on a permanent basis. For each project, a separate team is formed given the project's specifics and scope, current workload and professional interests of the specialists as well as the results of the check for actual or potential conflict of interest. The remuneration of the team members is established on the project basis only. All this allows us to optimize internal costs and render highly proficient service at a reasonable price.

We work based on the following principles:

We use accurate information and tested solutions meeting your interest to the highest extent.

We perform comprehensive analysis of legal and economic benefits and risks related to a particular transaction or situation to enable you to make informed decisions and achieve your goals with reasonable time and resource costs.

We do our best to achieve the optimal balance between the opportunities and risks in order to protect and implement your interests to the maximum extent with minimum prejudice to the project's key objectives and schedule.


Please, email your question to info@terraexterna.ru or submit an individual request.